Cape Town’s “DOPE” new skatepark ready for the world

The excitement is growing around the Cape Town skateboarding community as the opening of the award winning skate park in Gardens is set to launch on Saturday. 338 people have already confirmed their attendance of the launch on Facebook.

Tweets of anticipation and excitement for the park blew up today as the Cape Town media were allowed to test out the park. Here is one of the first pictures released of the completed park.

Excitement from the masses began on Facebook and Twitter, saluting the event set to open at 12:00 on Saturday, the 2nd of August.


With the opening of the brand, spanking new park, we decided to show you the three of the raddest skate parks in the world, according to some.

How do you think the newest addition in Cape Town stacks up?

1) Marseilles Skatepark (Bowl Marseilles)

One of the best skateparks in Europe.

2) Kona Skatepark

A park in Jacksonville in the States is known for its insane snakerun.

Video by Adam Gonzalez

3) Black Pearl Skatepark

Is rated as one of the best and biggest skatepark in the world. Looking at this aerial shot shows you why.

Image on

The Mill Park Skatepark won the award from  in an international design competition earlier this year.

The Pit in Bree Street is hosting a invitational skate competition on Saturday evening. Cape Town will be running riot with skaters on Saturday and if you are one of them, be sure to send us a tweet or pic of your sickest trick.

Click here for the awesome Mill Park Skate blog.